Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Many weeks ago as we traveled down south to our home away from the green and the rain, that is again. now that the suburban was at least running maybe not in tippy top shape but at least on the road instead of growing moss and becoming a needle catcher I was telling myself that I needed to write this all down so I can pass along yet another adventure south, but as the days quickly passed I had yet to jot anything down.
As I am now about to plan yet another road trip although not quite as long and definitely none of the extreme passes we go through on the way down from Washington, I begin to reflect on the next new adventure we are about to take. I am a bit more optimistic than the first trip but still nervous that there is a great many miles between those cities and towns that must be seen in the rear view mirror before we reach our final destination.
The days are fast approaching when the move must happen and the only thing that is for sure is that travel is a must and the end result is in Utah. I have up until now never had to actually plan where it is that we are headed, we always new that there was never an issue, but with the impending holiday it has seriously put plans in the shoots and ladders category. Just when I think I am about to make progress down the shoot I go. One thing is for sure at some point there will only be ladders in the road.