Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "what's next"symdrome

Ever since we made the trek to good old Nevada, I keep asking myself what will happen now. Well here is, I thought we had finally made it through the worse of the winter weather. Yes, it is still winter here and most likely continue to see some kind of winter storm until late June, but that's not really what's next. What is, is we have been here one month and have completely ran out of propane and no where within 100 miles to fill the tanks. Three tanks in fact two 40-lb. tanks and a 100-lb. tank, this is a little dis-heartening considering when it is warmer we can go 3-4 months just on the big tank. To make things a little more interesting is that means no cooking, showers, dishes etc... until Friday. Well maybe some cooking as long as its done in the microwave. Oh, did I mention we are completely broke. Yep a whole 35 dollars to our name. So even if I wanted to drive the 100-plus miles to Elko Nevada, I can't. Thankfully I did have the peace if mind to pack the heater, so I won't be in an igloo at nights, i didn't however pack the range just for emergencies such as this.
I do have to be conscious of the fact that I am heating with electric heat, this morning I was with out power, apparently at some point after Monte had left for work the main breaker in the trailer flipped. Not a huge deal it just meant that my heater was working overtime. Note to self, make sure to clean the air intake filter once in a while. It was disgusting. Amazing when its clean it even heats better, what do you know. I'm a genius. NOT!
So for the next two days I am gonna be ruffing it, kinda. if you can call microwave meals and a washcloth shower ruffing it.
As it would seem nothing ever happens just by its self, so while I now have to "ruff" it, it almost got much worse. We had the problem when we arrived, the waste tanks freezing, we fixed that by getting a tarp and wrap part of the end of the trailer to trap some of the heat coming from the propane heater we got to thaw out the tanks. Like I said earlier we are completely out of propane, so heating them to get things moving again was out of the question, unless I wanted to spend my day under the trailer with my blow dryer, and that ain't happening. The low teen temperatures had given me reason to suspect that to be the case. But today, the temperatures once again reached sweltering heat of a whopping 42 degrees. Knowing that I went back to the drawing board, and came to the conclusion we had a plugged toilet. Its definitely not easier to plunge out the clog, mainly because a trailer toilet is well nothing more than a port-a-potty that can imitate a flush. I was hoping to finally use my toilet wand to clear the clog, but alas it didn't help any, so I had to get the broom handle, yes I know what your thinking and no I didn't use my broom, I have an extra handle for such an occasion. With my broomstick in hand and some poking and prodding the blockage washed away. Yeah another headache gone, I'll have to run the water more frequently so this sorta thing doesn't happen again.
Yes it may seem these little incidences are nothing more than a nuisance, but to be living in the moment with them it can feel like nothing good is happening, or than it will never end. You'd think by now after 4 years of trailer life nothing would seem to bother me and I just go with the flow, apparently I get "blocked up" to.