Saturday, July 20, 2013

Road less traveled

I know in the past that I had mentioned that monthly traveling for work looked like it was on hold for awhile, well as it turns out it became permanent. It's too bad really, yes I did want a break from trailer living but it's hard to give up a disposable income for barely enough to survive. So here I am trying to relearn to budget and manage on a third of what was. For seven years despite my complaining about the chaos of travel life I did love seeing and exploring the many places the job took us, I will miss it. It's now been nearly eight months and I have had the chance to try my hand at new things. In April I decided once again to try my hand as chicken wrangler, gardener, and food preserver. It has been a pleasure to try all these new ventures, well old but dusted off, ventures anyway. With all the changes in lifestyle it has gotten me thinking that this current blog may not be right for me any longer and starting a new one that is more for the green thumb, canning/jelly making, chicken wrangler might be in order. In time we shall see. I have had many trials already and wished that I had taken the time to write them down. Maybe in doing so I would not only learn from my mistakes and have reminders that the things I have tried didn't always work, but also have those of you who do read my humble blog may have the opportunity to see what others have tried and have the chance by being better informed to not make the same mistakes. Even if I do decided that I want to start a new blog I will more than likely keep this one as I still have my crazy furry "kids" and we do still travel, while the road trips are now limited to the river rather than six hundred miles each time there is always an interesting story, never a dull trip with my kiddies.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Desperate to travel?

I have spent the better part of the last eight years on the road, I have learned to life out of suitcases and microwave meals, up until now the only other stint of down time was four years ago and that lasted six months. Back then I was desperate to hit the road, didn't matter where as long as there was a job. It was where I wanted to be, the adventure, the anticipation of not knowing what it might bring. Whether it might a be blown engine and being stuck along side of the road or plowing thru snow that seems endless holding my breath with every mile and every turn threatening to bring me and all my world to a cold and white nightmare, only to survive with spent nerves. It seemed like every month with the prospect of travel the child in me could hardly wait for what the road might hold. With each passing day I am actually thankful the phone call hasn't come to send us back out into the world. Don't get me wrong living on unemployment is no picnic, nor is not having insurance but that is a small price to pay for my happiness. I miss having my family around even if they drive me nuts more than I care to admit to myself, I missed walking out my door and hearing the whinny of a very eager horse, glad to see me not just because she wants fed but because she is happy to see me. I miss the beauty that surrounds me. When that call comes I have to ask myself can I let all that go again. For now I am glad I don't have to answer that question.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frustrations in blogger land

So today I wanted to enter the world of my blog, it has been a year since I have touched or viewed it, needlessly to say with the new format and being out of touch my patience and nerves had reached breaking points when I finally gave it one more shot. And low and behold as one would say it worked with the last thing I tried. But of course it would always work with the last thing one tries. I realize of course its redundant to repeat oneself but I never thought that something as simple as signing into an account would be so stressful, if you must ask yes I even have all the information written down, but I neglected to double check that I was inputting the correct information. Hindsight I probably should have checked, so now that I have maybe it will inspire me to check-in more often then a few times a year. It is a New Year and many things to come, well hopefully anyway.