Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can your pets be your kids? I wonder.....

Is it strange to think of your pets as kids?

Some people, ok most people would agree that anyone who says their dogs are their kids would find you at the very least odd, if not down right loopy. Yes, I have to admit, I fall into the definitely odd but not quite loopy category. So that also means I do indeed buy the sweaters, shirts, coats and yes, the booties too for my little girl.

So then is it also strange for said doggie parent to then explain one pets reaction to another pet equal to that of siblings fighting?

These are questions that have been running through my head over the past few days, I think that at times I must be loosing it being out here on the lonely road with only the dogs to keep me company. I can't say for certain but I may just be imagining this behavior out of sheer boredom.

About two weeks ago "daddy" bought the kids a bone, not a small bone mind you but one of the big leg bones, a whopping 10 lb. leg bone, so other than Boo Bear no one can really pack this thing around, although we do live in a travel trailer so its not like there is many places for them to pack it around. As soon as "daddy" walked in the door with this thing Boo Bear was not so much begging, but definitely had the hurry up and give it to me, take the wrapping off I want it attitude. I have NEVER seen her behave in such a manner before. At first she was somewhat reluctant to share, Boo Bear and Lestat drug that thing back and forth, from bed to bed all night long, by morning my floor was a greasy mess, thankfully it is easily mopped away.

It was quickly apparent my normal non confrontational girl was out the window. She had set it in her mind that her "siblings" were not allowed to come near her and her new prized possession, let alone look in her direction. If they dared she had no problem telling them that this is hers. The first days she growled at every thought that maybe Lestat and Miranda might be looking in her direction, after a few day passed she lost a bit of interest in the bone, she no longer was sleeping with it but made sure that she was within striking distance if need be. Then the day came when she wanted "Mommy's" attention, everyone else was getting attention so would she. So there I was sitting on my couch brushing Miranda and Lestat, so Boo Bear had to as well, you know if one gets it they all must get it, now each were waiting for their own Mommy time and that's when it happened, Boo Bear was laying patiently at my feet and Lestat saw his chance, she had let her guard down, and he was going to take his chance, the bone was gonna be his, or so he thought. In a blink of an eye she was on top of that bone and I swear Lestat jumped clean out of his skin. She had in that second not only gotten the bone back but had managed to pin him in the kennel, well ok she sat on him in the kennel, then just as quickly stepped away from him and the bone, I think if her under her breath growls, could have been words she would have said, "back off that's mine, you can't have it, just 'cause I'm not chewing on it now does not mean you can." Lestat looked at mean as if to say but Mom that's not fair I want to chew on it too, I couldn't help but laugh at this outburst of raw doggie emotion.

If my dogs would have been kids it would have totally looked as if big sister ran over to where little brother was now playing with a toy, that while she was no longer playing with it did not mean he could.

It is now clear to me that, despite what I thought I knew about my "kids" I still know very little. My once passive Boo Bear has now found her voice and now uses it all the time. And my little boy Lestat has now learned that just because he is male does not mean he can boss the girls any longer. So I say bravo to my big girl for doing something I doubt I could have taught that stubborn little guy.