Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Puppy Living

It has been a week of new life for three very precocious squirmy bundles. Not quite ready to see or hear the world they are still eager to explore every inch they can, with constant vigilance from Bear they are growing fast in size, independence and curiosity.
I had no intentions of raising pups in our little trailer, but life rarely has what you want in its list of considerations when it decides to guide you down the path to the future. So here we are bumbling down the road together, I do hope I will be prepared for whatever happens next, but if not I have learned to go with it. Much of living on the road has proven that you just have to go with it.
As excited as I am to be going through this I am grateful that week one is far behind us. Mommy during that first week was no fun, I know I didn't sleep for the first Seventy-two hours; if I did manage any sleep it was done by power napping. As I mentioned before this was a complete surprise so there was no way to be prepared for anything, that included that Bear was going to have the runs. BAD! I am still cleaning up places I missed the day we left them home alone. But to be fair I knew that I probably would have to do some cleaning up, I wasn't prepared for just how much. I now have in my staple for doggie care a hefty supply of wipes, yes they are getting used, I think I've already gone through one hundred or so out of a 300 pack.
I have managed well thus far no grey hair or hair loss, so there is a plus; but I still have at least seven weeks of anything goes.