Friday, December 30, 2011

The "hard" facts of life

Nearly two months after my trouble maker "son" got into and subsequently ate an unknown amount of a brand new bottle of Gorilla Glue I am faced with the tough decision. I kick myself for not taking more care into where I place things. I have to admit that I haven't been proactive in a treatment plan, I just now have been curious as to what treatment if any are available for such ingestion. Treatment is only one; surgery.
I suppose I need to explain that while most pet owners would have immediately taken their sickly fur covered family member to the doctor. I dismissed the notion; as nearly on a daily basis the fur ball gets into anything and everything no matter what preventative measures I take to ensure it is safe from his reach, so to speak. He has eaten so many things I just couldn't imagine that his glue incident would be any different. It would appear that while 99% of the time my reaction to him eating yet another thing he shouldn't would have been accurate, but as he continues to slowly lose weight, vomiting varies from none to all day long, his ever changing appetite I see now that I should have been more concerned and taken him to the doctor. However knowing now that the only option is an extremely costly surgery, which I can't possibly afford I am left with two very painful options watch my boy slowly die or be merciful and put him down so he is no longer suffering. Two choices with the same outcome.
A tough lesson to learn and the loss of a beloved pet; it is hard to put into words the regret, the frustration and the sheer helplessness I am feeling.