Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frustrations in blogger land

So today I wanted to enter the world of my blog, it has been a year since I have touched or viewed it, needlessly to say with the new format and being out of touch my patience and nerves had reached breaking points when I finally gave it one more shot. And low and behold as one would say it worked with the last thing I tried. But of course it would always work with the last thing one tries. I realize of course its redundant to repeat oneself but I never thought that something as simple as signing into an account would be so stressful, if you must ask yes I even have all the information written down, but I neglected to double check that I was inputting the correct information. Hindsight I probably should have checked, so now that I have maybe it will inspire me to check-in more often then a few times a year. It is a New Year and many things to come, well hopefully anyway.