Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to Normal

Here it is a new year and I have already had an epiphany. I have for at least the last few years traveled to many places but somehow always ending back here in Nevada, a state that I DO NOT like, I hate the desert, no trees, no water besides the few odd streams that here they call rivers and everywhere one looks sage brush. Some how even with me kicking and screaming Nevada has gotten under my skin, she feels like home. I would welcome any place other than here to call home but no it had to be Nevada.
We are barely into winter most days temperatures reaching the mid 20's, no snow and living in a tin can that hates cold itself. The constant ice removal from the door just to get to the outside world, not that I want to venture out, I wouldn't if I didn't have my "kids". I very much hate my tin can and yet never leave it.
Why must a place I hate be a place that feels right?
Maybe one day I can call a beautiful green meadow with a lake and trees home, but for now it mountain desert.

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